To benefit fully from costly instrumental lessons an understanding of music theory is essential. Unfortunately, with limited time, it is often nearly impossible to dedicate enough time to cement such a foundation and is therefore, often overlooked by students or parents.


As an aid to complement your Study of Music, either at school or for your individual Instrument Lessons, I will be hosting a Spring Term class. These sessions last an hour and will include the ABRSM syllabus Music Theory, Music Appreciation and Music History.


The lessons focus on filling in and rounding out the musical education of the student that has perhaps been missed. Covering the life and significance of many great composers. How these composers fit into the development of music. The defining features of musical styles, what these sound like and how to tell the difference (essential for the aural aspect of ABRSM Advanced Practical Grades).


The historical and theoretical knowledge will aid the student in the study of their instrument, enabling them to learn pieces quicker, with greater understanding and enjoyment.


I have a passion for history and theory of music, having gained A* in A Level Music, and currently in my 4th year of study at Trinity College of Music, finishing the previous year with a 1st. I can't recommend enough the study of these subjects and benefits you or your child will gain.


I am currently offering two separate theory classes, Grade 1 and Grade 3. They are designed to follow on from each other. A Grade 5 class will be added when the courses resume in late 2018.


The tuition fee for the full 8 week course is £100 (£12.50 a session). An additional fee will apply if you wish your child to take the ABRSM exam (Grade 1 - £26, Grade 3 - £31).


I am currently finishing my degree, so I have postponed the Theory courses until 2018.


Please contact me to register your interest or if you have any questions.


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Spring Term Class Key Information

Recommended age 10+
8 week course
Classes are postponed till 2018
ABRSM exam dates will follow
£12.50 a lesson
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Grade 1 Materials